Hello Friends,

I am a candidate for the new House District 3. I am running for the same reasons I ran for and served on the Assembly and in the State Legislature: government should run efficiently without interfering in local commerce or our private lives or property. And the State should be investing in infrastructure for long-term, and short-term, energy-cost relief.

As you can see from my legislative history, this is exactly the platform I’ve followed, consistently.

You will hear from other constituents that I always make time to meet with you and hear about the issues important to you. And if my office is able to help with your problem, you have a fighter in your corner like no other. You can count on that.

When I ran for public office, I was determined to treat this as full-time, year-round, service — not a part time “session only” job. That is what I’ve done, and will continue to do for you.

I appreciate the honor of your vote this November.

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PS: Important Redistricting News

With redistricting completed, here is our new House District 3.  It covers the communities of North Pole, Badger, Newby, Plack, and Chena Lakes.  If you click on the map image you’ll be able to download a high resolution Adobe Acrobat file of the new district. If you wish to view detailed precinct maps click here.